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Semester abroad at international partner schools and universities

The VMI offers students numberous possibilities to taken a semester abroad and gather international experience. Within the framework of European Union´s ERASMUS educational programme, a semester abroad is supported with approx. € 300 per month. Therefore, study fees can be minimished or, depending on the chosen study, even completely covered. For further information on semesters abroad, ERASMUS and respective funding simply contact our International Office.



ICMP - Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (Berlin)

The 'ICMP - Institute of Contemporary Music Performance' is one of Great Britain´s leading schools of Modern Music.

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

Foundation House, 1A Dyne Road

NW6 7XG London




SHR Hochschule der populären Künste (Berlin)

The 'SHR Hochschule der populären Künste' is specialised in music production, music management, media- and audiodesign. In addition, also a Master for media psychology and a study for popular music.

SHR Hochschule der populären Künste

Potsdamer Straße 188

10783 Berlin




Fontys University - Rockacademie (Tilburg)

The 'Fontys University - Rockacademie' in Tilburg is specialised in popular music, performance and music production.

Fontys University - Rockacademie

Zwijssenplein 1

5000 Tilburg




Conservatorio di Musica "Nino Rota" (Monopoli)

Steeped in tradition, the 'Conservatorio di Musica "Nino Rota" is a well-established and reputable music conservatory in Puglia/Italy. In addition to a comprehensive study program in the classical music sector, the Conservatory also has an excellent jazz department.

Conservatorio di Musica "Nino Rota" di Monopoli

Piazza Sant´Antonio 27

70043 Monopoli




Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (Madrid)

The Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio is a private university with its own music campus in the Spanish capital of Madrid. In addition to classical music and musicology, the program also includes a degree course in music interpretation of modern music, with a variety of styles ranging from jazz to pop to flamenco.

Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

Avenida Commandante Franco, 10 Bis

Madrid - Chamartin (Metro Pio XII)




Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki)

Being the biggest Music Department among all Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland, it stands for the highest standard of musical and pedagogical excellence and is a dynamic leader in the classical and pop/jazz field.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Bulevardi 31

00079 Metropolia




Nationale Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" (Sofia)

The NMA "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" is a traditional and highly respected music school in Bulgaria with established and professional traditions in teaching traditional and contemporary music. The university offers comprehensive and attractive training programs in classical, jazz and pop music.

Nationale Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov"

94 Evlogi Georgiev Blvd.

1505 Sofia





Lebanese Music School (Beirut)

The Lebanese Music School has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Lebanon since 2011 and offers academic courses in music, dance, drama, painting and photography. The mission of the school is to provide talented musicians, dancers and painters from across the Middle East with the highest level of arts education so they can develop their creative potential.


Amine Gemayel Street





Sonus - Music Performance Institute (Rome)

The 'Sonus Factory' is specialised in studies for vocal, guitar, piano, bass and drums with a focus on modern Pop and Rock-Music.

Sonus Factory - Music Performance Institute

Via Costantino Corvisieri 5-11





LACM -Los Angeles College of Music (Los Angeles)

The 'LACM-Los Angeles College of Music' is located within the modern show business metropolis and offers diverse studies for popular music.

LACM-Los Angeles College of Music

370 South Oaks Ave.

Pasadena, California 91105




Drumtrainer (Berlin)

The 'Drumtrainer Berlin' is specialised in professional education and preparatory courses for drummers with a focus on popular music, hip hop and rock.

Drumtrainer Berlin

Schwiebusser Straße 16

10965 Berlin



VMI - Vienna Music Institute
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